Smart Serve’s core purpose is to provide consultancy in company secretarial, bookkeeping, accounting and taxation.

Key Personnel

Foster Shumba - Managing Director

Foster  Shumba is an experienced accountant with vast years of experience in the fields of accounting, auditing and company secretarial. His initial entry in the accounting field was in 1982 when he joined the complex accounts department of the Grain Marketing Board and subsequently worked for the United Transport Group, Silzim Zimbabwe and finally C & J Accounting & Secretarial Services (Pvt) Ltd in September 2004 to September 2019.

David McAllister - Marketing Director

David McAllister is a committed entrepreneurial professional with extensive hands-on expertise in traditional marketing, digital marketing, brand and corporate identity, social media management, business management and extensive professional level IT skills. He has consulted to some of the biggest Zimbabwean based companies, including Innscor Africa, MedNet Healthcare Consultants, and Cardinal Corporation.

Radical truth and integrity
Staying true to purpose. Facing the brutal truths while believing in the long-term mission. Doing what is right (as opposed to what is easy).

Radical transparency
Retaining the right people, be it employees or clients, through radical transparency. Commitment to building principles and following them for all areas of company operations.

A mindset of locking in value from the start
All projects are based on the principle of profit first. Only engage in activities that will keep the company’s profits healthy and always make decisions from a viewpoint of: is this growth for the sake of profit (as opposed to growth for the sake of growth or the look of it). Putting profit first is not inherently bad so long as it is based upon these core principles. The more profit we make will allow us more options to reward employees and offer the best service while making the impact we want to make.

Excellence in service support and convenience

Driven by the principles of radical truth and integrity we commit to providing world-class customer service and resolving customer queries rapidly.
A passion for and investment in automation and systemization make it convenient, stress-free and predictable for customers when dealing with us.
We are always friendly, polite and professional in everything that we do.

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